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Salvadori Center : Tower 2000 a future vision for the rainforest : 1994

The 'Tower 2000' project collage by Paul Haigh, was conceived in conjunction with visiting students from the Salvadori Center responding to the challenge of creating a vision for the future of the rainforest.

The Salvadori Center uses the built environment, buildings, bridges, skyscrapers, etc. to help students understand math and science concepts. Using the urban landscape of buildings, tunnels, and bridges, the Salvadori Center introduces teachers to the wonder, beauty, and logic of architecture and engineering, who then share it with their students.

The 32" square collage in crayon, magazine clippings, and computer renderings, mounted on board, was exhibited and auctioned at a fundraising event on behalf of the Salvadori Center in September 1994.

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