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Nomad Storage System
Nomad Storage System

Nomad Storage System: 1998

The Nomad Storage System design was prepared in response to a design competition request by a major contract furniture manufacturer.

The concept presented approaches to personal storage as informally as a personal computer or a brief case.

The contemporary changing workplace is seen as a nomadic environment in which:
...people are re-arranging on a daily basis.
...job security is a thing of the past.
...a sense of place is the hardest thing to have and to hold.
The structural 'backbone' of the Nomad product is the 'crook'.

The crook can:
...lean against an existing wall or workstation.
...roll along a track, for positioning on an existing wall or workstation. fixed to an existing wall or workstation.
...or arranged in multiples for support in team space applications.

The crook enables and free's the product from aspects of unachievable universality with associated product while allowing an integrated relationship.

The crook holds the personal storage items in component based storage elements that can be positioned at any vertical elevation allowing the user to define ergonomic convenience.

All components for media storage and shelving can be used singularly or in combinations. User needs reconfigure and define the combinations.

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