Fabric Showroom
Fabric Showroom Entrance
Fabric Showroom Reception
Fabric Showroom
Fabric Showroom

John Kaldor Fabricmaker
: Showroom and Offices : New York : 1981

An 18,000 sq.ft. loft renovation into corporate offices and a textile sales showroom.

Australian textile designer, John Kaldor requested that all textile collections on display be shown "...like fruit in a greengrocer's shop" As a response, the showroom design utilizes industrial lighting, concrete block displays, and a black/white/gray palette to act as a neutral backdrop to the presentation of hundreds of bolts of fabrics.

Interior spatial scale is also manipulated with oblique and forced perspectives in the development of walls and surfaces.

The project was published extensively and received the following awards :

1982 Interiors Magazine : 3rd Annual Interiors 'I' Award

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