Glass Conole Table
Glass Conole Table

Torii Glass Console

This project was designed and developed for entry into the Vetrerie dal Pian : Glass House Collection Competition 2013

Concept and Design
Tradition combined with industrial craft are re-interpreted in the "Torii" table design. As in the traditional japanese "torii" gate, a wedge is used to express the structural simplicity of joining two uprights to a supporting lintel.

Structure, Material and Techniques
The HST glass side panels, table top and structural beam components utilize the Vetrerie Dal Pian specialized water-jet cutting, polishing and finishing techniques to create all the final glass shapes, edges and slots.

The design explores the structural properties of sheet glass held in compression and lateral tension. The tenon of the support beam, inserts through the 12mm side panels which are held in compression by tightening the custom designed aluminum wedge. The top is pre-inserted in side panel slots and rests on the beam in the final assembly. The assembly is achieved without the use of structural UV adhesives. This approach allows for sustainable flat packing and efficient shipping.

Glass Conole Table

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