mc2 store
Ground Floor Shop

=mc2 Store : New York : 1985

The project comprises a 3-story, 3,000-square-foot loft building conversion into a store and offices for a Japanese fashion retailer.

The Japanese merchandising concept of an 'antennae store' was the basis for this project. Fundamentally, this concept explores responses from customers and provides direct feedback to the manufacturer on new and changing trends.

In an inversion of typical store planning methods, a circulation path is placed at the window elevation, and the movement of customers at the 2nd floor level is visible from the street. This 'inochi' or essential substance of the interior is seen to be in balance when customers exist in the presence of the merchandise. The product is presented in mobile storage displays, which provide modular furniture elements. In an inversion of typical store planning methods, circulation is placed at the window elevation to offer movement visible from the street.

The project was extensively published and featured in the April 1985 issue of Interiors Magazine.

mc2 store
Window Stair
mc2 store
Store Mezzanine
mc2 store
Display and Point of Sale
mc2 store entrance stair
Entrance Stair
mc2 store dancewear
Mezzanine Sales Area
mc2 store glass counter

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