Morgans Hotel Facade
Morgans Hotel Restaurant
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Morgans Hotel
: Facade : Bar and Restaurant : New York : 1985

Morgans Hotel Bar and Restaurant was conceived as a subterranean meeting place and late-night dining 'boite'. The development of the restaurant and bar was closely linked to an architectural analysis of the facade. By extending and excavating the basement to a total of 1,200 sq.ft of seating area, the banquet seating and bar were able to be rotated at the column lines to create the illusion of increased interior volume. Throughout the space, 'raw' architectural surfaces are juxtaposed with polished stainless steel, leather, and glass. The Morgans palette, established in collaboration with Andree Putman, was synthesized and distilled through this juxtaposition of 'rough' and 'smooth'.

The renovation also included the complete structural re-design and development of the Madison Avenue elevation. Re-exposed columns and arches were developed to create the hotel, bar, and future restaurant entrances as separate and distinct paths through the new facade. Limestone was selected as an appropriate material sympathetic to the nearby Morgan Library.

This project was a featured cover story in the October 1985 issue of
Interiors Magazine.

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