Hverfjall Volcano Competition

Hverfjall Volcano Lookout Point Competition


APERTURE is a pre-fabricated monocoque structure designed to frame views of the surrounding Icelandic landscape.

APERTURE explores the notion of the architectural frame to focus visitor experience on views that have already been experienced in the ascent of Hverfjall.

APERTURE interprets the prescriptive site area as a 100 enclosed linear form with specific viewing apertures framing surrounding volcanos, lava fields, lakes and skies.

APERTURE, as a destination, encourages a participatory experience as part of understanding architecture as identification of place.


APERTURE is assembled on site from six modular sections, each section is fabricated off-site and transported, by air lift, to the site location. Modules are connected by stiffening collar frames. Pre-cast concrete footings anchor the sand-cast aluminum outrigger legs and stabilizer plates.

APERTURE Modules are fabricated from an ultra light composite of 85mm thick Alusion™ cellular cast aluminum foam panels bonded to an inner liner of 4.8mm aluminum sheet. Alusion™ is produced using post-industrial aluminum, up to 50% post-consumer aluminum recycled content and is 100% recyclable. Aesthetically, the Alusion™ cells mingle together to create a surface similar to a porous lava flow, this specular surface reflects the ambient light and natural colors of the environment integrating APERTURE into the landscape.

APERTURE was a shortlisted finalist from over 100 International entries.

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Rim Approach
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