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Brooks Brothers : Store : New York : 1999

Located on Fifth Avenue, in New York City, this 23,500 sq. ft. retail space was created as the flagship store for Brooks Brothers. A structural glass curtain wall rises three stories above the sidewalk, serving as fully a transparent "vitrine" for the architectural interior. This open continuation of the street, invites customers to participate in a shopping environment that is both visibly urban and sophisticated, putting both merchandise and patron on display.

Entering under a suspended canopy of structural aluminum and acid etched glass, the interior opens up to a thirty-five foot high atrium which introduces the shopper to the open plan interior sales areas and the splayed double interior stair. Throughout the interior a series of pearwood columns and interchangeable display panels are organized as an architectural "colonnade".

The monumental stair, detailed in thermal and honed limestone with glass balusters and pearwood handrails, invites the shopper to experience the mid and upper levels. The image wall, replete with display niches and an ever changing wall panel graphic, presents the new Brooks Brothers imagery at it rises through the open stair. Anchoring the 2nd floor are specialty shop areas for shoes and accessories and an exclusive Men's suits and Formal wear lounge. These speciality areas present product along arc shaped pearwood paneled walls. Backlighting is employed to float wall and colonnade fixtures within the space and emphasize the multi-layered nature of the overall design.

The project was published extensively and featured in Interior Design Magazine and Visual Merchandise and Store Design Magazines and received the following awards:

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