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Studio House
: 1998

Situated on a natural rock outcropping this small summer studio house for a seascape/landscape painter, combines living and working into approximately 2,900 sq ft. Conceived as a shipwreck, the three volume composition appears to collide with the landscape, with the painting studio broken away and redirected.

The site is undisturbed with a natural outcropping of rocks falling away to the north. Developed on an axis towards a distant lighthouse, wall lines and volumetric juxtapositions orient the interior spaces towards these views.

The driveway entrance terminates under the volumes of the second and third floors, forming a covered parking area. The double height first floor space is accessed directly from the kitchen/dining area or the west facing studio. Interior views include a below water level view into the pool, again reinforcing the 'sunken' concept of the space.

The second level is the guest floor, with balcony views back across the pool. Articulating window screen frames define views towards the landscape and ocean beyond.

Combined sleeping and working space occupy the open plan third floor. The working space takes advantage of the northern exposure as a separate volume rising from the massing below, access to terraces on the east side provide private and contemplative areas for the owners.

The small painting studio, on axis towards the lighthouse, functions primarily as an outdoor terrace for painting with the interior acting as studio/gallery.

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