World Trade Center Competition
World Trade Center Competition
World Trade Center Memorial
World Trade Center Competition

World Trade Center Site Memorial Competition Entry

...memory field

The Memorial Mission Statement embodied the following principles as fundamental to the design of the World Trade Center Site Memorial


The Memorial Program Elements combine with these principles to define the
...the memory field as a democratic response to those who lost their lives, equally balanced with the contributions of those who aided in rescue and recovery.

The persistence of our collective memory is the conceptual underpinning of this Memorial Design.

...the memory field proposes that the magnitude of lives lost be remembered as individual memorial elements, placed across an open landscape. Grouping of these individual memorials are organized to suit the separate events of February 26, 1993 and September 11, 2001. This concept of memory, made large through repetition, honors three thousand and twenty two individuals. Each Memorial will evolve over time as family, friends and visitors search, find and remember their loved ones.

...the liberty wall garden provides an area for contemplation in addition to the quiet visitation anticipated in the ...the memory field. A singular tree, uniting all those who were lost, will be planted at the inauguration.

...the slurry wall sanctuary is a topographic site "berm" element providing a gathering area for the families and loved ones of the victims. It is a place contemplation, ceremonies and dedications.

...the unidentified remains are contained in two translucent internment chambers embedded in the "...memory field ", accessible from September 11 Place, Liberty Wall Garden, Slurry Wall Berm Sanctuary and the Tower Parks.

...the tower parks recognize the World Trade Center North and South Tower footprints. These parks are memorialized by the delineation of the perimeter and office floor plans of the towers.

...the south west portal provides public processional access to all "...memory field " areas and accommodates public services; meeting point, rest rooms, etc.

...the wall of heroes ramps lead from West Street and Liberty Street to the North and South Tower Parks. Each ramp is scaled to accept processional and ceremonial access to the "...memory field " and is a powerful reminder of temporary ramps established by the rescue workers. The walls invite personal expression; photos, letters, candles, flowers, etc.

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