Selected Publications

INA 10 : International New Architecture : August 2012 Volume 3
International New Architecture collaborates with the American Institute of Architects, featuring first class design firms and their works with its professional vision and publishing experience. INA 10 features HAIGHArchitects Corning Museum of Glass : Contemporary Sculpture Galleries. Emphasis is placed on high resolution images and drawings and analyzes the firm's unique design concepts and practice in vivid and detailed form.

30 Years of Emerging Voices Idea, Form, Resonance
Published by Princeton Architectural Press. In an unprecedented collection of design projects and practices including HAIGHArchitects, 30 Years of Emerging Voices: Idea, Form, Resonance documents close to 250 of the most innovative North American design firms of the past three decades. Since 1982 The Architectural League of New York's Emerging Voices program has recognized architects, landscape architects, and urban designers whose distinctive voices promise to influence architectural discourse, design, and practice for years to come. Insightful essays and commentaries by leading critics, architects, and historians consider and contextualize the continuing impact of the Emerging Voices' inventive work on architectural culture and the built environment.

Glass is Tomorrow : Pro Materia 2015
The Glass is Tomorrow book is co-edited by Archibooks and Pro Materia. The project looks to recap 9 workshops, held between 2011 and 2015. Featuring over 400 pieces and prototypes, for limited edition or mass production, the Glass is Tomorrow collection exemplifies reflection, experimentation and co-creation. The 280-page edition features an introduction by Glass is Tomorrow Pro Materia director Lise Coirier, with exclusive profiles of MUDAC Lausanne's Bettina Tschumi, Milan-based Glas Italia, Domaine de Boisbuchet's Alexander von Vegesack, Corning Museum of Glass' Steve Gibbs, GlassLab's co-creator Paul Haigh, and Nationalmuseum Stockholm's Anders Bengtsson

1,000 Product Designs: Form, Function, and Technology from Around the World by Eric Chan
Product design has changed dramatically in recent years as everything, from computers to microwaves to MP3 players, has become more compact and more powerful. Less seems to be more, as everything becomes portable and more user friendly. 1,000 Product Designs features the most innovative designs in recent years. This unprecedented collection of products from all over the globe is a window into different cultures and societies, featuring everything from furnishings to personal items and accessories to electronics. Included are Paul Haigh designs for lighting and glass.

New Glass Review 35 : 2014
New Glass Review 35 : 2014 Published by The Corning Museum of Glass. New Glass Review is an annual survey of glass in contemporary art, architecture, craft, and design created in the previous year by emerging and established artists, as well as students. The works were chosen from a submission by 930 individuals and companies from 46 countries. The 100 objects illustrated in this Review were selected by Paul Haigh, Principal, HAIGHArchitects + Designers, Caroline Prisse, Director Van Tetterode Glass Studio Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and James Yood, Director, New Arts Journalism M.A. Program School of the Art Institute of Chicago. The New Glass Review features essays by each juror highlighting 10 selected works that have influenced their experience of glass.

INL 49 : International New Landscape : Jan 2014 Volume 1
International New Landscape collaborates with the American Institute of Landscape Architects, featuring first class design firms and their works with it's professional vision and publishing experience. INL 49 features HAIGHArchitects Corning Museum of Glass : GlassLab Project, in an edition featuring Art based streetscape projects. As with International New Architecture, emphasis is placed on high resolution images and drawings and analyzes the firm's unique design concepts and practice in vivid and detailed form.


LOFT : The Scandinavian Bookazine : Vol. 4 2011
Loft's main focus is on Art, Architecture, Design, Interiors and Culture. The subject of Loft is one: creativity. Volume 4, 2011 features an article highlighting Paul Haigh's 'Liquid Fusion' Workshop at the Vitra Design Museum at Domaine de Boisbuchet. 'Liquid Fusion', under the creative guidance of Paul Haigh, investigates the ephemeral and sublime qualities of glass as a rich palette for innovation and intervention in architecture and design.

Scoprire il Design : La Collezione von Vegesack : Adventure with Objects
A richly illustrated catalogue published by Electa, in conjunction with the Scoprire il Design : La Collezione von Vegesack : Adventure with Objects exhibition at the Pinacoteca Agnelli in Torino, Italy. Texts by Deyan Sudjic, Rolf Fehlbaum, Mateo Kries and Paul Haigh trace the leitmotiv of the exhibition from industrial furniture to the history of the architecture and design workshops at the Boisbuchet estate in France. This international cultural centre established in 1996, organizes Summer workshops in conjunction with the Pompidou Centre of Paris and the Vitra Design Museum. The visiting professors, including Paul Haigh, are internationally renowned artists, designers and architects, with the aim of stimulating the creative process through rational thought, creativeness and manual skills in an extraordinary bucolic setting.

Knoll: A Modernist Universe by Brian Lutz
The history of Knoll is the history of modern design. Comprehensive in narrative and scope, this monograph is a classic in its own right with images and texts on furniture, furnishings, systems, graphics, and unique insight into the modern world that is Knoll. Included are furniture and architecture projects designed by Paul Haigh.


LOFT: The Scandinavian Bookazine : Vol. 3 2012
Loft's main focus is on Art, Architecture, Design, Interiors and Culture. The subject of Loft is creativity. Volume 3, 2012 features an article, written by Anna Rojahn of Faces of Design, features the exhibition, Making Ideas: Experiments in Design at GlassLab designed by HAIGHArchitects, and the associated GlassLab program, in which designers are invited to work with hot glass. The exhibition features over 150 design prototypes by more than 45 international designers. The concept of the exhibition space, is evocative of an open plan designer's loft with design prototypes grouped thematically around the room's periphery.

Commercial Lighting: Creating Dynamic Work Spaces by Randall Whitehead
Commercial Lighting presents a host of creative lighting designs for commercial spaces. Each section illustrates interesting and effective lighting designs for restaurants, offices, retail stores, and more. Included are detailed, full-color presentations of the best lighting designs for commercial spaces from internationally recognized designers. The book features HAIGHArchitects Carolines on Broadway project.

Detailing Light : Integrated Lighting Solutions by Jean Gorman
In this overview of lighting design, a variety of architectural spaces are profiled to show lighting designs that meets highly specific demands. Each case study, including several projects by HAIGHArchitects, is lavishly illustrated with a full descriptive text of individual lighting solutions within the context of the overall project: relevant technical data and manufacturing information and invaluable construction details are shown. A forward, by Paul Haigh, examines the emotional and creative process essential to creating interior environments that fully integrate architecture and the developing technology of artificial light.

Converted Spaces by Nonie Niesewand
Vast, obsolete buildings are now taking on new life as people seek out living space. This work presents an international collection of conversions, by architects and designers including HAIGH Architects Soho Loft conversions. Through the designs and accompanying text, the reader witnesses how empty shells are transformed into unconventional homes.

Design Spirits: Bars, Brewpubs & Techno Clubs by Gail Bellamy
Design Spirits chronicles many unique bars and nightclubs. Featuring HAIGH Architects Carolines Comedy Club on Broadway. Informative text, floor plans, and exquisite design details accompany each project analysis.

Mondo Materialis: Materials and Ideas for the Future by George M. Beylerian and Jeffrey J. Osborne
Mondo Materialis is an invaluable idea and design source book for every architect and materials designer and for anyone interested in design. It is a compelling, thoughtful, and altogether dazzling foray into the possibilities for our man-made environment.

Material ConneXion: by George M. Beylerian and Andrew Dent
From the largest global resource of new materials for Architects, Artists and Designers comes this innovative new book that connects materials to designers' needs. In each of the seven main sections, this highly illustrated book identifies key trends, looks to the future, and helps design professionals select materials with the most potential for their specific projects.

Designs of the Times by Lakshmi Bhaskaran
Designs of the Times is an essential, one-stop reference and inspiration resource for designers, students and design writers. In addition to providing a grounding in each historical movement/style, each section shows contemporary uses of the style in multi-disciplinary design, enabling the reader to see how each style has evolved and can be applied.

Stores of the Year, Vol. 14 by Martin M. Peglar
Over 60 featured projects from around the world. Included are the retail stores that have repositioned themselves with new and unique visual presentation and design. The projects have been designed by some of the leading design firms in the field, including HAIGHArchitects flagship store for Brooks Brothers.

Steuben Glass: An American Tradition in Crystal by Mary Jean Madigan
For 100 years, Steuben glass has represented the epitome of American crystal. This volume, revised and updated to celebrate Steuben's centenary, traces the company's history. Mary Jean Madigan provides an illustrated identification guide from one-of-a-kind museum objects to functional items such as glasses, candlesticks, bowls and vases. Included are designs by Paul Haigh.

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