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The proposed Enel Sustainable Street Cabinet (ESSC) responds to the Enel Innovation challenge by addressing a sustainable approach to materials and the circular economy.

The ESSC design embodies responses to the safety and technical requirements of the brief, while proposing an innovative, modular and accessible form sympathetic to application and integration into urban and rural contexts.


Comprised of a GRP* Cabinet and Concrete Plinth**, the ESSC design is distinguished by a soft form with corrugated surfaces, adding structural strength, rigidity and surface texture. The concrete plinth base facilitates easy access to service utilities and acts as a protective plinth and airflow intake. A unique top cap design captures air for heat radiation and dissipation and external run off of rain and snow.

Gasketed double doors with tamper proof keyed locks and espagnolette locking bars open 135o to allow full and protected access to internal equipment. The double skin compression moulded GRP cabinet and doors both have integrated solid captured blocking for further structural protection and mounting of DIN bars, wiring clips and accessories.

All components are designed to be replaceable and recyclable, with dismantling and remounting achievable on site.

Internally, the ESSC design is segregated into an upper compartment for the LV power terminal blocks, and a lower compartment containing the electronic communication and control equipment. The compartments are separated to allow for electrical safety and protect against RF interference. The upper compartment is proposed with five DIN3 equipment bars, the lower compartment is proposed with a combination of three DIN3 equipment bars and an adjustable 19” 4RU equipment rack. Vertical cable paths are provided between compartments and the corrugated panels for interconnectivity between devices. Utility access, with the ability to separate mains and low voltage cabling, can be fed along the full width of the plinth base.

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