East Hampton Residence

East Hampton Residence : New York : 1996

A 4,000 sq. ft. residence situated on a wooded site overlooking Shelter Island Bay, Long Island, New York.

Conceived with a sextant shaped plan, this weekend retreat with guest house and pool, incorporates metaphors in planning and detail to sailing in its response to the site and governing design covenants. Covenants which dictate a shingle style tradition, without precluding tenants of modernism.

The mass of the main house structure and the pool house are split apart and reconnected to form the main entrance. A bay view opens up from the entrance. Internal planning is varied in scale and volume. The main floor is centered around a 20' high living/dining room with den, kitchen and porches organized along the linear open plan. The second floor is accessed by a central Y stair which separates the owner's master bedroom areas from the two guest rooms. The pool house, designed for families, has an open sleeping loft, living areas and en suite bathrooms.

The project was published internationally and featured in the January 1998 issue of Interior Design Magazine.

East Hampton Pool House
East Hampton Residence
East Hampton Stair
East Hampton Bathroom

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