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Ceramic Showroom

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Ceramic Showroom

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Ceramic Showroom

Colonnade Display

United Ceramic Tile
: Retail Showroom : New York : 1986

The challenge of displaying an extensive range of individual tile designs was the major design issue at the outset of this 6,000 sq.ft. loft conversion.

The architectural interior featured the construction of a two story interior private office structure, retail showroom, and tile warehouse.

The retail space was conceived as a public plaza, with the offices housed in a 'building within a building' at the perimeter. Tile samples are presented on custom mobile displays. Perimeter walls, floor. surfaces, and ceilings demonstrate a hierarchy of tile setting techniques that are sometimes literal, sometimes abstract.

The project was published in the September 1986 issue of Progressive Architecture as part of a profile on
HAIGHArchitects Studio.

Ceramic Showroom Axonometric

Axonometric Drawing

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