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CMoG Voices Exhibition

Corning Museum of Glass

Voices of Contemporary Glass : The Heineman Collection

The exhibition, transformed over 10,000 sq.ft. of the large and open spaces of the Museum into a more intimate setting, reminiscent of Heinemans' Chicago residence, in which the objects were originally displayed.

Presented in a series of architectural narratives, such as 'The Hall' 'The Cityscape' 'The Living Room' and 'The Banquet' the art works were mostly arranged by artist, rather than by artistic theme, date, or technique. The installation invited the visitor on a journey, through these multiple scaled spaces, to explore the historical context of international studio glass.

Focusing on the accomplishments of individual artists, video interviews gave an insight into selected artists exploring their individual ideas, or 'voices' in glass. This multitude of voices and perspectives celebrated the infinite possibilities of glass as a medium for contemporary vessels and sculpture, and documented the ongoing process of discovery and innovation that has shaped the story of the Studio Glass movement.

CMoG Voices Exhibition

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