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Wine Rack
Wine Rack

'Cengia' Wine Ledge

Concept and Design

The 'Cengia' wine ledge concept offers three furniture forms exploring the presentation, tasting and storage of wine. The 'Cengia' or 'ledge' is conceptually linked to the notion of placing wine to mature on natural outcroppings or 'ledges'.


Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, the 'Cengia' collection can be utilized as a singular furniture element or combined to form wall or freestanding layouts.

Cengia Select : presents multiple wine bottles on horizontal ledges.
Cengia Sip : combines upper ledges with a tasting surface.
Cengia Store : combines upper ledges with lower bottle niches for long term storage.

Each 'Cengia' is a self supporting structural form manufactured in a rotational moulding process utilizing linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) polymer.

W 470mm x D 513mm x H 1600mm

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