Conde House Tables

Conde House
: Kiwara Table System: Japan : 1988

The Kiwara Table Collection takes it's inspiration from the 'tatami' proportional system used in building traditional Japanese houses. As wood tables, these products are western in intention and application, eastern in proportion and structure.

The design is straightforward. The supporting grid acts as a space frame, accepting legs at cross points. Connecting rods hold the legs in compression.
Large tables are supported on clusters of legs. The top is thin and wafer like and overhangs the grid; the legs are square and massive. The contrast between light and heavy and the subtle variation on conventional proportions lend the tables their visual distinction. Kiwara is made of ebonized oak with a diagonal cross-detail in the top of maple or birch marquetry, or as an acid etched glass top with polished edges, that reveals the grid beneath.

The project received the following awards :

1988           International Design Magazine Annual Design Review : Award
1988           East Meets West International Design Competition : Award

Conde House Tables
Conde House Tables

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