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Mondo Materialis : Materials and Ideas for the Future : Steelcase Design Partnership 1990

At the invitation of the Steelcase Design Partnership, New York, over 120 leading architects, interior, and industrial designers worldwide were asked to share their ideas and to explore the material, concepts and technologies for the future.

The participants created 30" square panels for an exhibition intended to present an overview of the next generation of design.

Five Memos for the Material World

With a reference to Italo Calvino's essay 'Six Memos for the Next Millennium', this submission to the Mondo Materialis Exhibition identifies some material values applicable to the
HAIGHArchitects Studio work.


Emerging from a matrix of material definitions these values were acid etched into a magnesium plate to form the ideological basis from which our material selections initiate.

This project is part of the book
Mondo Materialis published as a record of the exhibition by Harry N. Abrams.

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