Suburban Follies : Structures for the Residential Landscape

Outdoor Shower Viewing Tower Outdoor Shower Version 2
Outdoor Shower
Outdoor Shower Outdoor Shower

Suburban Follies : Structures for the Residential Landscape : 1994

The Suburban Follies exhibition, curated by Robert Reuter at Gallery North in Setauket, New York, presented drawings and models for residential structures designed as follies.

Several structures were proposed including a viewing tower, a garden hose fed shower enclosure and the pavilion.

All structures were seen as readily manufacturable from stock wood sections and represented a development of earlier proposals for a commercial manufacturer.

The tower was designed as an articulating structure with fold down platforms suggesting states of repose and movement, i.e standing, leaning, sitting or jumping. The shower enclosure was designed with a garden water storage tank shower filled from a hose.

The inversion of urban/suburban imagery was the conceptual backbone for the project e.g. shower/watertank, viewing tower/skyscraper as implied in the shadows.