SteubenGlass Designs

Drape Bowl


Steuben Glass : Drape Bowl : 1996-2004

'Drape' utilizes advanced techniques in the hand blown glass process to create a graceful rim of cascading glass.

The product was widely published and recognized with a 1997 Good Design Award by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture. The Drape Bowl in the permanent collection of the Corning Museum of Glass.

Drape was subsequently produced in a re-edition by Rogaska Crystal in 2013

Droplet Plate


Steuben Glass : Droplet Plate : 1997-2004

Continuing the concept of achieving poetic frozen moments in hand blown glass making as embodied in the Drape Bowl, the Droplet plate captures the timeless illusion of a drop of liquid radiating ripples in a surrounding pool.

The ambiguity of a fluid sculptural centerpiece combined with a practical serving plate make this design appropriate for both informal and formal occasions.

Droplet was subsequently produced in a re-edition by Rogaska Crystal in 2013



Steuben Glass : Challenge : 1998-2006

'Challenge' was designed as an engravable gift. A labyrinth illusion reflects into infinity when viewing into the 6" glass cube. Utilizing a 'sag' cast technique the polished cube rests on an ebonized ash base. Faces of the cube acted as a surface for custom copper wheel engraving.



Steuben Glass : Colonnade : 1998-2008

Colonnade is a large scaled architecturally inspired sag cast glass design.

Optical reflections create the illusion of a colonnade or series columns receding into space. Ironically, the solid and inherently structural nature of a column is created by a void within the glass. The symbols embodied in this design appeal directly to the individual with a love of classical architecture or as a simple symbol of stability.