Shutter : Folding Chair

Shutter Folding Chair
Shutter Folding Chair

sedia///shutter 2002

Concept Introduction and Ecological awareness

sedia///shutter..is a small scale wood folding chair incorporating 'sustainable materials' for production by a medium size woodworking manufacturer. Conceptually and formally the design examines the idea of folding a volume into a plane as a means of compressing habitable space...our most valuable resource and fundamental to our future ecological awareness. The proposal considers a target sales market of under-40 consumers attracted to minimal design at affordable prices.

The appeal of the folding chair design brief is in it’s ability to transform. Transformation is closely linked to our notion of mobility and flexibility. These two functions define modern urban habitation and relate closely to reconciling the dilemma of freedom with the need for domestic stability.

Formal visual aspects of the design and its attitude aspire to familiar images of Tuscan architecture and landscape. The folded planes are reminiscent of the 'persiana' or window shutters prevalent throughout Tuscan architecture. Colors and hues are neutral and descended from the observed and weathered Tuscan landscape.

The project was entered in the Consorzio Casa Toscana 2nd International Eco Design Competition 2002 and subsequently exhibited at the Milan Furniture Fair.