Corning Museum of Glass
Making Ideas: Experiments in Design at GlassLab


Corning Museum of Glass: Changing Exhibitions Gallery 2012-2013

Making Ideas: Experiments in Design at GlassLab

The exhibition, designed by HAIGHArchitects, showcases the Museum's signature design program, GlassLab, in which designers are invited to work with hot glass. The exhibition features over 150 design prototypes by more than 45 international designers.

The exhibition centers on material and the activity of thinking and making. It emphasizes the role of designers and the process of creation and collaboration using glass, rather than the individual glass object or group of objects.

In Making Ideas, objects play a secondary role. It is a window into an ongoing program, a glimpse of what is happening now. It is a story told through images of and words about people and material.

More than 45 international designers are included in the exhibition, with video documentation and/or design prototypes.

The concept of the exhibition space, is evocative of an open plan designer's loft. The gallery is dominated by a large video projection of GlassLab sessions in the United States and Germany, shot and edited by Deidi von Schaewen. The design prototypes are grouped thematically and arranged around the room's periphery. Drawings and graphics offer further insight into the genesis and realization of ideas in glass by designers.