Knoll Design Center : 1979-1981


Knoll Design Center : New York : 1979-1981

The Knoll Design Center project included and centralized many Knoll corporate functions within a 70,000 sq.ft. renovation of a 7 story Cast Iron Loft building in the Soho Historic District of Manhattan. The project included Landmark restoration of the building, planning and design of 20,000 sq. ft. of corporate office interiors, planning and design of a 13,000 sq.ft. furniture showroom space.

The prime focus of the project was to create a showroom for the Residential/Fine Furniture Collections.

Three strategies were established for the development of the project.

An adaptive re-use strategy for re-programming the building, a restoration strategy for returning the building back to its original state as part of the Soho Historic Landmark District, and an archeological approach to historic design details in a dialectic with the new design interventions.

The project evolved empirically to allow for a detail concept to be established at the outset, this allowed details discovered in the building process to remain and exist in juxtaposition with the new work.

For example, the cast iron column detail exposed at the first floor stair expresses the post/beam and mortise and tenon construction. This didactic approach to old and new details attempts to enhance the procession through the space. Similarly, the approach to the placement and detailing of the major display platform attempts to give understanding to the "new " suspended away from the old. Architecturally the idea of "suspension" is closely linked to lightness. Emotionally, it should achieve the idea of a simplistic journey.

The project was expanded and redesigned in 1992 as part of the KnollGroup.

KnollGroup Showroom : New York

Knoll Knoll

KnollGroup : Showroom : New York : 1992

Located in the Soho Historic District of Manhattan this interior renovation marks an expansion from 8,500 sq.ft. to 13,500 sq.ft. of the loft spaces originally renovated as the Knoll Design Center in 1981. Primary reorganization of the facade, entrances, window display and interior volumes led to an hierarchal solution for the display of KnollStudio, KnollTextiles and KnollOffice systems product.

The new entrance and integrated window display elements were crucial in providing more accessibility to the product and showroom areas for the public. The detailing of these new elements referenced at a smaller scale the original suspension display details. A custom designed reception station similarly introduces details later employed for the main stairway to the systems display area.

Published internationally, the Knoll Design Center was featured in the September 1982 issue of Progressive Architecture with the subsequent renovation being featured in the May 1992 issue of Interior Design Magazine.