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Invisible Cities
Invisible Cities Invisible Cities Invisible Cities
Invisible Cities Invisible Cities Invisible Cities

Visible Invisible Cities Illuminations© : Paul Haigh 1990-1995

Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities, is a masterwork of urban fables that has enjoyed a world wide following among architects.

Paul Haigh takes on Invisible Cities abundant visual metaphors in this series of 'illuminations' that  parallel 'the dialogue of opposites' in the book with the dualities and synthesis that characterize his own work.

Johanna Jacob in her essay 'Calvino's Reality: Designer's Utopia' for the Society for Utopian Studies Journal notes ...while using familiar visual elements, Haigh organizes them to reflect a new fantastic vision while also redefining 'lightness'.

The main protagonist of Invisible Cities, the explorer Marco Polo, recounts tales of cities that he has imagined within the empire of the great Kublai Khan. Cities and Memory, Cities and Desire, Cities and Signs, Thin Cities, Trading Cities, Cities and Eyes, Cities and Names, Cities and the Dead, Cities and the Sky, Continuous Cities, Hidden Cities.

Selections shown above are :

Cities and Eyes - Frontispiece
Cities and Memory # 4 - Zora
Cities and  Eyes # 5 - Moriana
Hidden Cities - Frontispiece
Cities and Desire #1 - Dorothea
Kublai Khan's Dream - Lalage
Continuous Cities - Frontispiece

Additional selections from the complete series have been published by Progressive Architecture, Rizzoli and the Journal of the Society for Utopian Studies Vol. 9, No.1 1998.