Hedgehog Bud Vase

Conceived as a glassLAB performance piece, the Hedgehog Bud Vase utilizes several of available glassLAB processes. Hot glass is drawn into tubular sections which are closed off and then 'flame-worked' to form multiple bud vase vessels. Simultaneously, a hot glass gather is hand-formed into a 'body' shape. The performance culminates with the frantic placement and hot fusing of as many bud vessels as possible onto the body.


Ambiguous Pitcher

A glass volume was formed, pinched, fused and cut to form a pitcher, through manipulation, with off-hand technique, the form of the original 'reading' of the design evolved into a new functional definition. The question is which is the handle and which is the spout?



Tri-Voids was a design exploration performed by three glass blowers simultaneously 'inflating' and 'fusing' three glass volumes. In attempting to fused together these variously scaled volumes organic forms were created through a 'choreographed' series of movements and manipulations, Various colored and clear glass combinations were attempted to emphasize the outline of the inner chambers. Angled cutting of the volumes opened up the 'tri-voids' to expose these natural sections.