Corning Museum of Glass : Glass Making Machines Gallery

Corning Museum of Glass

The 'B' Building Renovation Study : 2003

The studies for the conversion and renovation of the 45,000 sq.ft. 'B' Building, in the Houghton Park museum complex,  included the development of test-fit planning and visualization studies for a new Contemporary Glass Gallery, a Glass Making Machines Center and expansion of The Studio : Walk-in Work Shop and Fun-with-Glass activities.

Each study examined concepts for site circulation, access and adjacencies to existing museum facilities . Support analysis of comparative square foot allocations and outline budgets, developed to assess impact on future corporate capital expenditures.

The renovation proposed entrances integrated in a 'pulled-out' facade concept, each ADA compliant entrance was defined by the cantilever displacement of a section of the historic 'glass block' curtain wall.

The proposed Contemporary Glass Gallery and Glass Making Machines Center, were strategically planned to take advantage of the 24' height space of the former laboratories to exhibit installation glass art and the display of the large industrial glass making machines.